It’s been a while….

….but we haven’t been idle (not too much anyway!).

We’ve added a few more videos to our YouTube channel and we are looking forward to June’s Boars Bridge music festival where we will be recording the event and loading it onto YouTube.

See you there!

FCPX in Focus

Well, if it’s good enough for Hollywood -

New videos and books

Two bits of news to relate. 

Firstly, we have released a video of Beers Law’sThat Burns Lad” from their CD “The Soul of Man”. It was a bit on the chilly side doing the outdoor shots as you can see from the snow on the ground, but the scenery was stunning! We have more in the pipeline just being edited at the moment!

Secondly, the more observant of you may have noticed a new tab at the top called “Books”. We are very pleased to announce the first novel by N E Maclaglan and you can read the synopsis on the Books page. Follow the link to purchase it on the Amazon Kindle store. Only 99p!

Happy Christmas!

New video launch

We wre pleased to annouce the release of another video track from John Cee Stannard’s brilliant "Doob Doo" album. It’s a cover of Blind Boy Fuller’s “Lost Lover Blues” and you can find it here on YouTube.

The train set in the intro is Jan’s clockwork set!

Happy Christmas!

Boars Bridge Festival 2013

We’ve completed editing of the Boars Bridge Festival shoot and the DVD is off to the copying house. We expect it to be available from 12th December. We’ll be selling copies at The Windmill Music Club (Tweseldown Arms, near Fleet, Hants) on that day. If you can’t be there it will be available by post - just go to the “shop” page on this site.

We really enjoyed cutting it - hope you enjoy watching it!

Breaking news: Video Escapes!

It has been reported that a new video of John Cee Stannard has escaped despite heightened security. It goes by the name Regular Guy and if spotted it should not be approached as it is considered to be highly contagious. However all relevant authorities should be alerted of any sightings.

People are advised to lock all doors and windows and keep tuned to this link on YouTube for further announcements.

We got the blues - and we're happy!

It's been a busy but exhilarating week! On Sunday we had a great time videoing John Cee Stannard and his live band Blue Horizon in our studio - he really can belt out those blues! 

We have spent the last few days editing them down and we're really pleased with the results which you can see on his reverberation page and on YouTube:

Rum ol' Do

Solitary Vacation with the Blues

Bus Depot Blues

Hope you enjoy them!

New video out

So I didn't get time to update the blog over the festival weekend! It really was that busy. Still we shot some great video and now we have the mammoth task of editing it. I have to put a plug in here for Final Cut Pro X, it really is excellent for organising the footage and the multi cam feature is a phenomenal time saver! Even so, it is going to take a few weeks to condense the footage down to a DVD sized chunk. We are targeting a release in early December. Look out for regular updates on our Facebook page and some previews in the coming weeks….

We have issued another video track of John Cee Stannard's brilliant new CD "The Doob Doo Album" out in the wild of YouTube. You can see the result on our video page along with other tracks from the album or click here to go directly to it. Let us know what you think! 

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