Badger Music Media offers complete end-to-end recording, editing and production of videos, specialising in those with a musical theme. 

We aim to create videos tailored to your budget. Filming as you record, at live gigs or creating mini movies around your song using a combination of the above and some location story shooting.

Badger Music Media use high definition movie cameras and DSLRs with the associated equipment and software such as Final Cut Pro X to produce professional music videos for use on websites, You Tube etc. 

We have been “making movies” for over 5 years and have filmed music festivals, studio album recordings and “on location” in the wilds of Scotland and Norway and the cities of UK and Northern Europe.

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Most You Tube music videos are of the “one shot” type... 

  • where a friend or relative in the audience films a performance from one position or 
  • are shot with stationary camera/webcam at home and the artist effectively films him/herself performing songs in his/her bedroom/music room. 

Although there is clearly a place for such material in the cyber world, these videos rarely have a significant promotional or artistic impact on the average You Tube viewer. Often they are only seen by friends and relatives.


To have a bigger impact on the music video viewing public, a more professional multi-angle, studio and location video gives your song a much more artistic and visually interesting window in the cyber world. 

These videos don't have to cost a fortune and can be filmed at the Badger Music Media Studios, in the recording studio, with “green screen” background for maximum flexibility of location choice or actually ”on location“ in the beautiful Scottish Highlands.

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Give your song/album the best chance of being heard with a Badger Music Media Production on You Tube or even a full album DVD! See the Video page.

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